I’m K, and I’m a Life Story Coach…

That means I have the pleasure of coaching my friends as they seek sustainably joyful, healthy lives. I do my best to help illuminate their paths toward abundance just as others have guided me on my way.

It is my job—my mission, my purpose in life—to help everyone I meet live their own unique lives on their own terms. My vision for you is that you will be inspired to courageously subvert the narratives and stories that crush you and keep you from living into your true self and your true story.

I wear many hats: I’m a writer/author, a blogger, an editor, a lifestyle coach with Young Living Essential Oils. But I wear all of those hats at once in my ultimate purpose: to help each and every person I meet to create and cultivate their life stories.

I am living and sharing my own story of wellness, purpose, and abundance and of subverting the narratives that would crush me, and I have the pleasure of sharing that story with YOU. Together, we can cultivate your own abundance story. I want to Live Well (On Purpose) in community with you. Join my Facebook Group, the Live Well (On Purpose) Community.

Maybe our paths are crossing today because you desire physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Young Living Essential Oils and the coaches who have shown me the way to a chemical free lifestyle have helped me cultivate the ultimate blessing of sustainable health and wellness. I want nothing more than to bless you with the education, coaching, and ongoing support to start and sustain your own wellness journey with essential oils. I encourage holistic and preventative health practices. Let me show you how.

Or maybe our paths are crossing today because you desire to pursue a career as a freelance editor—to use your “useless” humanities degree. Let me light your path into that life as other editors and mentors lit mine when I was in your place. Let me be your teacher and Freelance Life coach.

Or maybe you are here because you’re looking for tips and ideas for living abundantly. I write about travel, adventure, food, and finding balance through sustainable living. May you find the knowledge you seek in the words I write. Get your tips for abundant living and read my personal memoir.

No matter the specific reason, you’re here because maybe there is something here you need…something to encourage, inspire, or enrich your life.

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Shine on, Friend.

Health Your Way

Read my Tips for Living Well blogs to learn how to live a life of holistic and preventative health. Live Well (on Purpose) with chemical free products. Learn how I use my oils and chemical free products. I’m truly a “product of the products” with Young Living because I’ve used so many of the oils, supplements, and home/personal products Young Living has to offer. Learn how you can use these oils and products here.

Bless The People In Your Life:

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Most importantly, Do you have your own oils story?

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Earn an income and bless the people you love by sharing your wellness story with essential oils!

It’s the best job in the world. Send me an email to get started in the business of BLESSING the people in your life with wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Living into Your Purpose

Get my tips for living WITH and ON purpose in my “Tips for Living with Purpose” blogs.

Become a Story Coach: Kathrin’s Book for New Freelancers

Use Your Useless Degree: How to Use Your Humanities Degree in a Career as a Freelance Writer & Editor

“Humanities degree? What are you going to do with THAT?”

Sound Familiar? If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that question when I was graduating college...well I would have answered, "Thanks. Now that I'm a millionaire, I'll be doing nothing with my degree." That question has a clear undertone: 

"Your degree is Useless." 

Unfortunately, subtly judging questions don't make us any money. When I was graduating with a BA in Religion from my small liberal arts college in small-town Iowa, I felt like I had only two options: go to law school or become a pastor. I chose neither...and decided to wing this thing we call life. I'm so glad I did.

If you're a humanities grad with an affinity for wordsmithing and grammar, all you need to become a successful freelance editor and writer is a little business/publishing world know-how. Lucky you, I made all the mistakes and figured out what actually works. In this book, you'll learn exactly what I did to succeed as a freelancer. 

Ready to Use that "Useless" Degree?! Purchase Use Your Useless Degree on Amazon.

Soak up the Good.

Read my personal memoir and get tips for living your own life of abundance YOUR unique way in my “Tips for Abundant Living” blog. Live your own life and write your own narrative with these tips, and soak up the goodness of life with me.


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Shine on, Friend.

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