About K

Shine on, Friend.

Shine on, Friend.

K: Life Story Coach

I’m K, a Life Story Coach…

That means I want to help YOU live into your unique purpose and live life on your own terms.

For so long (too long) I let others define who I should be—how I should dress, act, speak, think, and what I should want out of life. It took a ton of self-reflection to realize I didn’t want to take on the narratives and the definitions for my life that everyone else sought for me.

I wanted to live life on my own terms. And I wanted to do so in EVERY area of my life.

It began with a subversion of the typical “job”…I became a freelancer. I defined my own financial goals that would be sustainable for the lifestyle I dreamed of.

Then I subverted expectations for my physical and mental health…I became a Young Living Essential Oils guru.

And then (all hell broke loose ;) ), I decided to start listening to my own heart and mind to become the person I was made to be. And now, I write about it on the pages of this website and in the books and social media posts I write.

I’m not all the way there—to my true freedom—yet, but I’m on my way. And I don’t want you to stay stuck trying to live a life that isn’t fully yours for one more second either. I want us to take steps out of that trap together.

I’m K, a Life Story Coach. And I want to help you subvert the narratives that would seek to crush you and keep you from living into your own story on YOUR OWN terms.

Shine on, Friend.

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