One Way to Not Only REACH but SUSTAIN Your Goals: Oola + The Miracle Morning

I loved the Oola Guru’s live Facebook video last week on Goal Setting 301.

He said there’re the people who just write down a goal (the 101-ers), the people who know how to set a goal and break it down into one of the 7 areas of life (the 201, intermediate folks), and then the 301 students who not only break down their goals but know how to set SMART goals (the A revised to mean Accountable) that they will actually achieve.

I’ve been a 101, 201, and 301 student of life at various points in my Oola journey—and in various areas of my life. I’ve even been so good at certain time about building up to the 301 stage only to let it slide all the way back to 101.

This is especially evident in my weight management...or rather mismanagement. I lost 40lbs in college, and if you read my blogs, you know I gained it all back...and you know one of my goals is to lose weight and finally be at a healthy, sustainable what happened?

How did I do so well and execute my goal (301 status PASS!) only to gain all the weight back again (back to 101 I go)?

As I listened to Dr. Troy talk about this 301 goal status today while I ran to nowhere on the treadmill at the gym, avoiding the rain, I thought about the answer to that question.

What happened? ... or more importantly,

“How can I avoid doing that AGAIN?”

I’m on my way to my goal right now. I’m running, lifting, doing yoga, eating healthy, cutting sugar more and more, and gaining control of my body again. I’m working up from 201 to 301 in my goal setting. I’m two months and 24lbs away from that goal.

But for me, the issue is in the “post-graduation.” After I pass the 301 stage and reach my goals, how do I sustain them?

It always comes back to sustainability in my life. Always. (You’ll catch that theme and ride that sustainability wave if you hang out online with me ;))

When I lost 40lbs the first time, I did it in an unsustainable way. I was running more than my schedule could realistically allow. I was allowing food to separate me from my friends and family. I let food and fitness control me. I never enjoyed being fit and thin because I lost so much balance in the process. I threw everything out of balance for the sake of my thin body.

This time HAS to be different, otherwise I’ll be writing another blog in 3 years about my new “weight loss plan.”

So how do you not only set SMART goals, but SUSTAIN those goals and those results in the long term?


I just yesterday finished reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Eldon, and I think Hal’s ideas are right in line with what Oola teaches. Hal talks about how your purpose in life can change over time and that each one of us is constantly wanting and seeking self-improvement. He is clear that wanting to improve doesn’t mean that where we are now is necessarily bad but that it is human nature to want to do better. You can always challenge yourself more. You can always do better.

So from The Miracle Morning, the message I get in seeking sustainable results in my weight loss or in any other area of my life is to constantly reevaluate my purpose, my drive, and my goals and to never settle for where I am. Reach my Level 10 life but then dream a little bigger.

Hal, like Oola, emphasizes gratitude and talks about the power of self-improvement. I even adopted what he said his life purpose a few years ago was: to become the person I need to be to create the success, freedom, and quality of life I truly want.

Hal uses a wheel similar to the Oola wheel to help you visualize where you are now and then think about what your Level 10 life in each area would look like, but the categories are a little messier than the 7 F’s Oola preaches.

What I think Oola adds to Hal’s message is an emphasis on balance between more clearly labeled and categorized key areas of life. While simply reading The Miracle Morning without my Oola background would likely have caused someone like me (who tends to get a little tunnel vision, focusing in on one goal at a time) to zero in on my weight loss goal while the rest of my life fell by the wayside, Oola’s heavy emphasis on balance between the 7 key areas of life help me keep myself in check.

And what I think The Miracle Morning SAVERS adds to Oola’s balance and 7 F’s is a step-by-step way into the Oola Path that pulls from the 7 F’s and emphasizes some of the Oola Accelerators. I also think Hal emphasizes more heavily the importance of self-improvement for improving any situation you may find yourself in. Work on you first and your situation will improve too.

Hal lays out how to use the SAVERS—Silence (which is meditation in my practice), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (journaling)—to start you on the path to clarity, focus, and self-improvement every morning. I’m waking up an hour earlier every morning for the next 30 straight to go through my Miracle Morning, and I already have more energy, clarity, drive, and motivation to reach my goals than ever before.

With the Miracle Morning, I’m doing the things I need to do—cultivating the habits I need to have and improving myself in the areas I need to improve—to reach the goals I set for my Oola life. The Miracle Morning helps me address my limiting beliefs and cultivate positivity. My meditation practice (Silence) is a step into my Faith, an area of my life that is often tested. One of my biggest goals is in Fitness, and starting the day with Exercise gets me and keeps me moving throughout the day and gives me the energy to do more activity and lose more weight faster. I’m working on myself first so that I can achieve the goals I have for my Oola life.

And I bring Oola into every part of my Miracle Morning practice as well. I use the Oola affirmations in the Affirmations practice and I’ve also writen a few of my own to read aloud beside them. When I Visualize my “Level 10 Life,” I visualize my Oola and what that Oola looks like in each of the 7 F’s of Oola—Fitness, Finance, Field, Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun.

My Miracle Morning practice is acting as the catalyst to my Oola Path. The Oola guys talk about how you have to learn to trust yourself again after failing to follow through so many times; the Miracle Morning is already (after only 1 day) helping me learn to trust myself and my ability to follow through again.

Between Oola (the 7 F’s and the emphasis on Balance) and The Miracle Morning (the SAVERS—the practical, repeatable steps—and the emphasis on self-improvement as a prerequisite for improving your situation), I am able to see a way forward beyond simply checking off goals upon completion.

The Oola, Miracle Morning combination offers a consistent, actionable path toward balance and sustainability.