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My Niche, My "Thing," My Area of Expertise:

As a graduate from Duke Divinity School with a MA in Christian Studies, I am qualified to edit academic content in the religious studies, theology, and spiritual memoir genres. 

In my 7+ years as an editor, I've worked with fiction authors in a variety of genres (including Fantasy, Dystopia, Crime/Thriller, Mystery, etc.), memoir authors (both spiritual memoir and general memoir), and more

Kathrin Herr, Life Story Coach

Some of My Recent Clients:

Ned Pelger, PE

Author of Great Sex, Christian Style

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A.R. Davis

Author of The Beast

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Steven Lowe and Mary E. Lowe

Authors of Ecologies of Faith in a Digital Age (to be published by InterVarsity Press)

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Rev. David McNitzky

Author of Accidental Herod: Becoming a Leader You Can Live With

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Writing Samples:

I am a regular content creator for

The Grow Network:

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I am also a Ghostwriter. 

I wrote the blog that was the most read blog on The Grow Network in 2017:

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If you're an author in need of editing services, a website or company in need of an experienced content creator, or a new writer looking for an experienced editor to help you through the self-publishing process, email me:

Kathrin dot m dot herr at gmail dot com