What Are Your 5-Year Goals?

What Are Your 5-Year Goals?

Right around the time I decided to get serious about my Young Living business, Young Living posted a video about their 5x5 Pledge. It felt like everything was falling into place because I had just set my goals on a 5-Year time frame as well. Here’s why Young Living’s 5x5 Pledge matters and why I know my 5-Year goals/plan are not only attainable but EXCEEDABLE.

Make a BIG Difference in Your Health in ONE Month: Finish 2018 Strong!

Make a BIG Difference in Your Health in ONE Month: Finish 2018 Strong!

It can be so overwhelming to think about making big changes in your health…and I know I’ve been discouraged at the end of November almost every year because I feel like I don’t have time to make a difference in my health and fitness before the end of the year. But this year I learned how incredibly powerful ONE month can be in my health and fitness journey! Here’s how I’ve learned to make HUGE strides in my health and fitness in only ONE month, and Finish your Year Strong!

Oils for Combat Veterans Living with TBI and PTSD: For Emotional Support

Oils for Combat Veterans Living with TBI and PTSD: For Emotional Support

I would argue that our societal understandings and stigmas that we place on mental illness and those who live with it every day inflicts SYSTEMATIC ABUSE on those who live with mental illnesses, and especially our veterans with TBI and PTSD.

And those societal stigmas discourage veterans with TBI and PTSD from seeking help because of that shame they feel for what society tells them is their “lack of strength.” And that pisses me off.

So let’s talk about this.

Let's Talk About Something Crappy... Digestive Health!! :)

Let's Talk About Something Crappy... Digestive Health!! :)

I’m getting real with y’all today. Let’s talk about digestion and essential oils.

It’s a daily process of relearning how to think about food and my body that requires both physical work, through taking oils and supplements and exercising regularly—and consuming food that my body needs to function at an optimal level—and mental work, through letting go of limiting beliefs, recognizing negative ideas and beliefs when they emerge, and recreating an image and belief about myself that is positive and affirming.

5 Ways I Use Lemon EO Daily

Lemon is one of my go-to oils from Young Living.

I carry it in my purse, I have a bottle of it in my kitchen, a bottle in my bathroom, and even a bottle by my workout gear. 

It is one of the main ingredients in blends I use daily also: Citrus Fresh, Thieves, Purification, etc.

Lemon EO is my BFF. 

Lemon EO is my BFF. 

Lemon EO is so versatile. I use it daily in 5 different ways:

1. Lemon Vitality in a veggie capsule. 

Young Living makes using their essential oils so easy. They label oils for internal use so you can just look at the label and know exactly how to ingest the oil! 

Lemon Vitality is lemon oil labeled for internal use. 

I add lemon to my empty veggie capsule every morning along with peppermint and grapefruit oils. Lemon is an energizing oil and aroma and it helps me feel awake and vibrant in the morning.

Starting the day ingesting lemon oil helps me start right away on track in my health and fitness--including in my hydration... 

2. Lemon Vitality in my water bottle/Camelbak.

Which is another way I use Lemon Vitality: I put it in my water bottles that I drink throughout the day (only in non-plastic water bottles! :) 

Lemon water helps me stay hydrated and energized throughout the day. 

I also add it to my Camelbak when I run. The lemon oil helps keep the water bladder fresh and clean and the taste is refreshing on long runs. 

3. Lemon oil in cleaning. 

Lemon oil is a staple in my cleaning supplies. It is in the thieves cleaning line, of course, but I also use lemon by itself to remove sticky gunk on my floors or on new items that have stickers on them (e.g., dishes from Goodwill). 

I often add lemon oil to my garbage to get rid of yucky smells or add a drop to my mop cloth for a home-made Pinesol experience--without the chemicals of Pinesol. 

When I need a super fresh and clean house smell, I diffuse lemon in every room. 

4. Lemon oil in laundry. 

Lemon is so refreshing and clean smelling. It is a perfect addition to laundry soap. I add a drop to my Thieves Laundry Detergent (which already has lemon in it) for an extra good-smelly boost--especially when I'm washing towels, work socks, or my workout gear. (My Camelbak is always in need of a good lemony clean...I sweat. a lot.)

I also add a few drops of lemon oil to my Young Living dryer balls when I throw stuff in the dryer. The clean smell radiates through my whole house and makes me feel like everything is fresh and vibrant. 

5. Lemon Vitality in Cooking

I drink it, I clean with it, I refresh with it, and, of course, I cook with it! I love adding a drop of lemon vitality to fish, chicken, or vegetable dishes. 

One of my favorite recipes is to simply cook some asparagus in olive oil with fresh minced garlic and add a drop of lemon vitality. I like to finish it with a little fresh lemon zest. Summer never tasted so lemony-fresh. 


Still need your starter kit? Click the button below! Remember, it MATTERS who you sign up with, so make sure you follow that link so I can mentor you in the use of essential oils for your chemical free life! ;) 

Mac's Favorite Oils

There has been a lot of talk lately about essential oils and animals lately, and while I'm simply a dog lover and not a veterinarian, my 90-plus-pound black lab is a pro when it comes to being a dog and choosing the EO products he wants. ;) 

So I thought I'd share what Sir Mac enjoys as an oily dog...

First off, Mac is an overall healthy dog. He is almost 4 years old and he is energetic and easy going. He runs constantly. We feed him Blue Buffalo food, which we believe is one of the highest quality food types out there. We also give him monthly flea and tick repellant and check him regularly for any health issues common to dogs his size and age. 

But like any farm dog, Mac has the occasional stomach issue and he often gets skin cuts when he is running through trees and in the fields. The following oils and essential oil products from Young Living are his favorites: 

Peppermint EO 

Mac loves his Peppermint...especially necessary when he eats things he shouldn't...like horse poo and fry oil.... lol

Mac loves his Peppermint...especially necessary when he eats things he shouldn't...like horse poo and fry oil.... lol

When Mac has a digestive upset, he usually chooses peppermint. By "choose," I mean I open a couple bottles of oils that I believe would help his digestion and he usually goes for the peppermint over the DiGize oil blend.

I put Peppermint in my hands and rub it on his stomach area and he usually enjoys licking the oil off my hands as well.

Peppermint is also a great oil for dogs when they get overheated. Mac prefers to lick it off my hands when he gets hot. You could also put a drop in your dog's water, but make sure to have non-oily water available if he or she doesn't like the taste of Peppermint. 

Lavender EO 

Mac loves his Lavender EO. When we are in the middle of a stressful situation, such as moving or hosting a big event with lots of people around, I will often diffuse lavender in our house. Mac likes to be near the diffuser when it has lavender in it.

Mac also likes when I put lavender EO on his paws. He enjoys the calming aroma and he sometimes licks it off his paws while he's calm and content on one of his favorite couches or on mom and dad's bed. 

Animal Scents Ointment

 When Mac get's a cut or scrape, I will put a drop or two of lavender right on the cut to soothe and clean it and then I cover it with the Animal Scents Ointment. The ointment helps protect the cut from dirt and bacteria. 

Most of the time, Mac likes to lick the Animal Scents Ointment off because he likes the taste. :) 

Mac also likes having the Animal Scents Ointment on his paws in the winter when the pads of his feet get dry and cracked from the cold ground and snow. 


As Mac grows up, we will give him more options for essential oils and EO products for the issues that dogs tend to have as they age. My sister dog, Riley, is 11 years old, and she enjoys a bunch of oils and oil supplements, including Frankincense, BLM, Grapefruit, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Copaiba. 

When you're ready to take the first step on your Chemical Free journey--keeping chemicals out of the lives of your furry friends!!--get your starter kit from Young Living. Click below! (It matters who you sign up with, so make sure you click that button so I can be your mentor in this sustainably healthy, chemical free, oil-loving life! :) 


Already a member? What are your furry kids' favorite oils? 

Why Young Living?

As a green living lover, chemical free seeker, and sustainability promoter, I’m used to doing background checks on companies I choose to partner with.

I don’t partner with companies who don’t meet my perhaps outrageously high standards because I USE the products I promote on a daily basis. If I don’t trust the company, I don’t use the products, and I don’t promote the products. It is as simple as that.

So armed with my high standards of green production, sale, and living, I chose an essential oils company I could trust. And the only one who fit the bill was Young Living Essential Oils.

Here’s why Young Living is the best:

1.    Seed to Seal.

Many companies try to use a knockoff version of Young Living’s promise of integrity, but only Young Living has the true Seed to Seal promise.

I love to hear stories about Gary Young (the owner and founder of YL) refusing to distribute any products that do not meet his outrageously high quality standards (we have that high standards thing in common, which is also probably why I like him). Whenever a product doesn’t meet quality standards, the company loses money, has to spend even more money to find a new farm untainted by chemicals and pesticides, and often spends yearsgrowing new crops for harvest and distillation.

Gary Young would rather go bankrupt than sell sub-par, less than therapeutic grade essential oils.

For Gary Young, the company mission isn’t to make money; it is to share wellness, purpose, and abundance.


Graphic from Young Living Virtual Office. 


2.     They own their farms, and I can (and will) go visit them.

Young Living owns all their essential oil farms. All farms are certified organic and are backed by the Seed to Seal promise.

But the best part is that I can actually go and visit the farms! I could go to France, Utah, Canada, or a whole host of other places and actually step foot (and maybe even work!!) on a Young Living farm where the oils I use every day are planted, cultivated, harvested, and distilled.

Young Living hosts their annual Convention out in Utah where you can go on a tour of their Lavender farm. Visiting each of the YL farms is one of my #bucketlist items!!


3.     They are transparent with their research & don’t try to pull anything over on the FDA.

Unlike some other essential oil companies, Young Living is completely transparent with their research on Essential Oils. You can find information about their oil blends and supplements from their research team of highly qualified scientists easily.

Life Science Publishing also publishes usage guides and tons of information about essential oils for users.

And Young Living refuses to try to pull anything over on the FDA! The Vitality line of essential oils was the culmination of Young Living’s promise to the FDA. Each essential oil labeled Vitality is labeled and has been approved by the FDA for internal use. That means you can feel secure to add the Vitality oils to your food or water and know that the FDA has approved it for that particular use.

It is just another way Young Living is honest with their customers!


4.     YL Customer Service is off the chain.

I’ve had to call customer service only a few times, but every time I do, the service is impeccable. Every single person I speak with is competent and helpful...and most of all, kind and considerate!

They are honest if they can’t fix a problem, and they’ll refer me to someone else who may be able to help. They never try to push me to purchase more than I want to, and they help make sure I realize all of my opportunities for freebies and rewards!

YL Customer Service gets a huge thumb’s up...and they’re the only customer service department that gets that from me.


5.     Their Compensation Plan is actually amazing...no pyramid schemes here.

I’ve had friends who tried to with Mary Kay or Lu La Roe—or other network marketing companies. But their initial cost and overhead is ASTRONOMICAL. Some have upwards of $6k for startup costs for their distributors. Are you kidding me?! Heck no, techno!

Young Living doesn’t require any of that. With Young Living, you get your membership through your premium starter kit, which is $160 (for Oils or Thieves Cleaning) or $170 (for Ningxia). Then, you simply have to order at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) (usually about $100) per month on the rewards program (on which I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars of rewards back!) to get a paycheck. Even if you’re making over $30k a month as a Young Living distributor, you still only have to buy $100 worth of products.

Seriously. Check out the compensation plan and the income disclosure statement. They're incredible! Just imagine what you could do with that much residual income!!

And I would spend $100 on products every month even if I wasn’t building my own business with Young Living by sharing the starter kits and memberships because I USE the supplements and oils to support my health and wellness!

How awesome is that?! Plus, for every person I share with who gets their starter kit and membership, I get $50 back. I was able to make my money back for my own starter kit in less than a month. That’s NO overhead. :)

Do you still need your starter kit? It takes only a few minutes to sign up online! Follow this link (and get a free copy of my eBook, 30+ Ways to Use Your Young Living Oils Starter Kit:



6.     They have made a real difference in my health.

I’ll admit I had a little common skepticism about the effectiveness of Essential Oils when I first started using them, but I noticed a huge difference almost instantly, and it encouraged me to keep going with them.

For so many of us, our bodies have spent years storing toxins that cause damage to the systems in our bodies and make us unhealthy. The biggest thing I noticed when I used essential oils to support my detox and my quest for a chemical free lifestyle was how they helped remove toxins.

I could feel the toxins leaving my body as I took detox baths, and I noticed how quickly my energy level increased when I didn’t have those toxins damaging my system.

But most impressively for me was the way in which Young Living essential oils improved my digestion. Ever since college, I’ve had truly awful digestion. I would eat something and 20 minutes later have to sprint to the bathroom. Travelling was a nightmare between being constantly bloated and having to use the bathroom so frequently.

But thanks to Young Living Ningxia Red, Peppermint EO, DiGize EO (all of which I use daily), and the totally clutch Digest & Cleanse Supplement, my digestion is more regular than ever and I’m able to travel without bloating or bathroom problems!

The oils work to support and optimize the health of every system in my body and I’m so thankful for that.


Me and my DiGize at the top of the tallest peak in South Dakota! It's a love thing...


7.     Young Living inspires me to live MY most sustainable life.

You’ve heard (or read) me say the mission of Hungry Homesteaders is this:

Hungry Homesteaders was founded on the idea that true freedom is gained when each of us is inspired, encouraged, and equipped to explore what defines our most sustainable lives. By seeking adventure, savoring flavor, sensing healing, and sustaining balance, we believe you can achieve freedom in your own most sustainable life.

Well, Young Living is built on three pillars that directly connect to our Mission at Hungry Homesteaders: WellnessPurpose, & Abundance.

Their products inspire me to live my healthiest life by cutting chemicals and living sustainably in every product I use, in how I eat, and in the way I exist in the world as a consumer and producer.

They do business with honesty and integrity, and that inspires me to live and do business with honesty and integrity. They encourage me to share wellness through Essential Oils with every single person I meet. Young Living helps me realize my Purpose of living my most sustainable life while inspiring and equipping others to live theirs.

And finally, Young Living’s products, commission plan, and overall attitude and posture toward life inspire and equip me to live a life of financial and health Abundance.

What are you waiting for? Get your Young Living Premium Starter Kit and start living your most sustainable life of Wellness, Purpose, Abundance...and FREEDOM.

Purchase your kit and join my Young Living team by following the link below! When you get your membership, I’ll send you a free copy of my eBook, “30+ Ways to Use Your Young Living Oils Stater Kit!