Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Do you know the true power of language?

It might seem a little “woohoo” to think about this, but language holds such incredible power over the PHYSICAL world.

Positive words spoken over preemie babies (even when physical touch isn’t an option) can have a positive effect on the baby’s growth and development.

We all know those “wacky” gardeners who sing their plants back to life…

And have you ever heard about the way positive words spoken over water can actually alter the physical/chemical components of it?

Think about it then, how much could your language be affecting your physical body and health?

It isn’t so much “you are what you eat”…rather, you are what you THINK and SAY.

But if you’ve ever tried to meditate, you know how hard it is to change what you think by simply continuing to think…

Let’s talk about one way you can begin to change what you think by what you SAY.

The process is called conscious language.

I’m not a total expert on this topic, so instead of telling you exactly HOW language can change what you think (and therefore change your physical body and health), I’m going to share with you my journey and method with conscious language and how I see it working in my own life.

My Conscious Language Experience

I first learned about conscious language from Sonya Swan, a Young Living Diamond Leader in my upline. I’ve listened to her conscious language talk multiple times and I learn more every time.

I won’t spoil her talk for you all (you can find it on YouTube!), but one of the most influential takeaways from the talk is the way in which language conveys either lack or abundance and how that can affect your mindset and, therefore, your behaviors.

For example, when I used to set my goals, I would think about them in terms what I WANTED. I would say, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” or “I want to make $3,000 per month.”

What I learned through Sonya’s teaching on conscious language (and the conscious language CDs by Marcella Vonn Harting and Robert Tennyson Stevens) is that in simply using the word "want,” I tell my subconscious mind that I currently LACK that thing or I’m not currently the person I need to be in order to have that thing—that “goal.”

That language of “lacking” puts me in a mindset that I am not the person I need to be in order to lose 10 pounds or make $3,000 per month. I am stuck in a mindset of “scarcity” rather than “abundance” when I use that kind of “lack” language.

That means that I will most likely reach for fast food when my schedule gets busy because even though my goal is to lose 10 pounds, my subconscious mind has already made a judgment about me that I am the kind of person who weighs what I currently weigh by eating what I currently eat and following the schedule I currently follow. My brain sabotages my conscious efforts because the subconscious message it recognizes is different from my conscious effort. And the more I fail myself and fail to reach those goals that I “want,” the more my conscious mind will shift to match my subconscious beliefs about myself.

I told my life coach that I am the queen of self-sabotage. It’s so true. Before I learned about conscious language, I was always the girl with the big ideas and zero follow-through. And it was always my mind that got in my way. I would set a goal, I would start working on it, and then I would let me talk myself out of the validity of either the goal itself or my plan for achieving it.

But a simple shift in language has made a drastic difference in my mindset over the last few months. Instead of stating my goals in terms of what I "want,” which assumes a language of “lack,” I simply had to change the statement to “I Am",” or “I have.”

In shifting my language as such, I can change my mind about who I am and what I am able to do. I can change the way my subconscious mind thinks about me, and that can help me change my thoughts and actions.

And when I change my actions, I change my body. I build muscle by doing pushups every day. I build endurance and burn fat by running every day. And I can run and do pushups because I AM the person who is able to do that...that is what I tell myself to be true, and so it becomes my truth.

So, by simply shifting my language (and changing my mind), I am able to change my body.

Let me tell you one story of how this has worked for me in my physical health journey.

When I first started using essential oils, I had been struggling to build up my running endurance. I wanted to be able to run a half marathon again after 5 years of not running. I kept saying, “I want to run a half marathon.” I was telling my subconscious mind a narrative that I was not yet the person I needed to be to run a half marathon...but that I was going to “try” to get there anyway.

And every single run I would go out on would be miserable. I could barely make it a mile without giving up. I would be so frustrated because I couldn’t become the person I needed to be to do the thing I wanted to do. And even though I was using Young Living oils and supplements that were meant to help optimize my health and support my fitness goals, I couldn’t see much improvement and I kept thinking the same thing, “I want to run a half marathon.” And that would be followed by the thought, “I’m not a runner anymore.”

I had told my subconscious mind for the last 5 years that I was not a runner anymore. That was the narrative I was perpetuating to myself. I had convinced my subconscious mind that I didn’t have the endurance...that I didn’t have what it takes to run distance anymore...that I had ruined myself and would never get back to that fitness level I was at when I was 22 years old.

And so even though the supplements and oils would help to encourage me to get out on the trail anyways or get to the gym, and even though they helped me heal my digestion and rid my body of inflammation, I still didn’t have what I “wanted.” I still couldn’t run a half marathon.

When I learned about conscious language, I made the shift in my language about my goal. Instead of saying “I want to run a half marathon,” I said, “I AM a half marathon runner.”

I started telling my subconscious mind a different narrative about who I am and what I’m capable of doing.

That shift in my language shifted my mindset to one of lack/scarcity to one of abundance. In my mind, I became the person I needed to be to do the thing I said I “wanted” to do. I told my subconscious mind that I was a half marathon runner, so my subconscious mind set to work bringing that about.

Now, whenever I would go out on a run, I would easily get through the first few miles without even realizing I did it. I would get happily lost in the run, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and I would build up my mileage time and time again.

I was, my subconscious mind assumed, a runner, and what does a runner do? She runs. And all that running helped to change my body.

My Young Living oil blends were vital to this mindset shift as well. There are still days when it is so much easier to just say, “I can’t do this.” Many days, in fact. There are many days in which I make one less-than-healthy decision and I feel like I could or should simply give up and eat a whole cake. There are many days in which I feel like I can’t even move off the couch for the next week.

There are many days in which I find myself telling that old narrative to my subconscious mind about who I am.

On those days, when the old narrative seeks a renewed voice, I open oil blends like Oola Fitness, Oola Grow, Sacred Mountain, En-R-Gee, Motivation, and SARA. I breathe them in, I recite positive affirmations about who it is that I AM (I AM Fit, Healthy, Disciplined, and Strong! I AM a runner! I AM an endurance athlete!), and I let my mindset shift with grace and ease.

This isn’t a quick shift. It takes consistent (even constant) awareness to shift my language. I catch myself every day using language of lack instead of language of abundance.

But I continue to shift the narrative I tell myself, and when I change my mind, I am able to change my body.


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