My Top 3 Favorite Blends

I have a whole box full of essential oil singles and blends from Young Living, and I love so many of them.

Some weeks or months, or even days, I reach for different oils. It all depends on what I feel like I need that day or week or month. I’ve used the iTovi scanner to help me decide what my body is asking for, but even when I don’t have that scanner available, I’m still able to sense what I need.

I don’t always guess “right,” but even if I don’t pick the exact oil or oil blend my body is in need of that day, I know that any oil diffused or applied topically can only help continue to uplift my body’s frequency and my overall wellness.

But most of the time, I am able to decide what my body needs based on how I feel and what I’ve learned about the individual oils and oil blends in my research and in my personal experience with oils over the last year and a half.

I think it has something to do with being mindful of my body and my environment…But what does that really mean??

Many of my team members have asked me how I decide what to use each day, so let me take you through some pieces of my story and tell you why I’ve recently been reaching for three oil blends: SARA, Sacred Mountain, and Oola Family.


My top 3 Favorite Blends - SARA.png

To explain why this is the first oil on my list, I need to first tell you about the oil blend itself. This blend was formulated by D. Gary Young to help support victims of abuse in their recovery. It is meant to help encourage feelings of safety and to help people let go of emotional trauma.

I am not a victim of physical abuse, but I have experience with emotional abuse in a few different forms. One of those forms is mental/emotional self-abuse.

I’ve told this story before, but my relationship with food, based on fear and a value system that was royally effed up, is one area where I emotionally abused myself through my own thoughts. I created a hostile, abusive environment in my own brain by constantly placing value judgements on the types of food I consumed. When food was “good” or “bad” according to my value system, I became “good” or “bad” when I ate it. You can read my full story of my relationship with food here.

I’ll probably always need to remain conscious of my mindset about food. Using oil blends like SARA and self-care techniques like conscious language, I will continue to retrain my mind to think about food as simply food and not as something that holds valued weight that can define me in any way.

It was through trial and error and really being thoughtful about my past and what I was telling myself about food that I found SARA to work well for me.

Sacred Mountain

The second oil blend that I reach for every day lately is Sacred Mountain. This blend contains oils from trees and the Ylang Ylang flower. I love that it actually smells like the mountains.

My top 3 Favorite Blends - Sacred Mountain.jpg

This blend is part of my daily set of favorites lately because of how it encourages feelings of grounding and security. As you may know from reading my other blogs, in the last 6 years, I’ve lived in 2 different states, 4 different towns, in 6 different houses or apartments. I lived half a country away from my immediate family and I moved everything I owned around to so many different places that I don’t even know for certain if I have everything in one place even now—6 months after moving into my first house.

I’ve longed for balance and sustainability for the entirety of my adult life, but each new place of living, and each move and upheaval, threw off my quest for that balance. I would start a workout program and give it up because I knew I would be moving in a few months anyways and probably wouldn’t be able to keep it up in the transition. I had given up my running routine at a time when it was such a huge part of my life (when I was in my early 20s) in the first move out of the state in 2013, so I didn’t have any reason to think I would be able to keep up a routine in a move of any scale and distance. If I couldn’t stick with it when it was so incredibly important in my life, why would I be able to stick to it now? I would start a morning routine but it would quickly dissolve as soon as some variable came into the picture that tested my resolve to do my morning routine—like an event or a meeting that would cut into my morning routine time.

The issue of transience and displacement in my own life has been a difficult one for me to navigate. As a nature lover, I feel like I have a heightened need for grounding and finding a sense of place in land/nature specifically. I’ve written more about my desire for grounding and consistency in my blog section on National Parks Adventures.

When I got the Sacred Mountain blend and diffused it for the first time, I felt like I did the first time I set foot on the mountain trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park or on the prairie in Wind Cave National Park. I felt rooted. I felt connected. I felt secure. The aroma helped me feel like I belonged in my current space. My fear of displacement dissolved. My fear of transience dissolved. I felt so encouraged to seek that grounding in every aspect of my life.

The Sacred Mountain blend encourages me to feel a sense of grounding in my home place and to seek greater connection to nature in general. John Muir said, “Going to the Mountains is like going home.” I think the same is true for the rolling hills and prairies of Iowa, and with Sacred Mountain blend, I can feel rooted like a mountain to the earth and to my home. As a Sacred Mountain myself, I can cultivate the balance and sustainability in my daily life that I’ve so longed for.


The last blend I reach for most recently is the Family blend inspired by Oola. When I went through a divorce is 2016, I moved back in with my parents. No matter how amazing my parents still are (and they are pretty darn amazing), moving into their basement at age 25 was still super difficult to deal with emotionally. I had to figure out how I felt about that dynamic emotionally. I was their kid, but I had been on my own for 5 years. I had been married to someone else. I had made a new “family unit” with my husband that was shattered in the divorce.

Then, when I started dating Michael, I had many other family dynamics in play: He and I became our own family again, but we had both been through divorces so we were dealing with difficult memories and ideas about what marriage and family meant. He reconnected with my family for the first time since high school and had to re-learn our family dynamic and find his place with me and my family. And the same went for his family. There were 3 different current family dynamics and 2 past family dynamics all in play in our experience of “family.”

I was most drawn to the Family blend by the affirmation that goes with it from the Oola Life book. The Oola Family Affirmation is, “I AM unconditionally loving, patient, and repectful.”

One day after I had a fight with Michael (everyone fights, y’all ;) ) and things were feeling strained in the Family area of my life, I reached for the Family blend and breathed it in right from the bottle. I breathed it in a few times and said the affirmation aloud 3 times in a row.

My top 3 Favorite Blends - Family.png

I really stopped to think about what it means to be unconditionally loving, unconditionally patient, and unconditionally respectful. It wasn’t just being loving when I felt like someone “deserved” it or when Michael was loving in return. For me to be unconditionally loving means I am loving REGARDLESS of how he or my other family members act toward me. Being unconditionally patient means not snapping or flying off the handle when I get frustrated or annoyed. It means being patient through difficult days or conversations. And being unconditionally respectful means that I respect my family members even when I don’t think they deserve it…and let’s be honest, just saying that I would ever think someone in my family didn’t “deserve” my respect makes me want to punch myself in the face because it’s so arrogant and unnecessary.

The Family blend helped me take a good, hard look at my own thoughts and actions toward the people I love and recognize that I am the one who needs to change and to be more loving, patient, and respectful…unconditionally. I’m by no means perfect at this…though I can honestly say I’m PRACTICING it every single day. I catch myself more often that I used to, and as long as I continue to turn my mind toward love, patience, and respect for my family members, I’ll call it a win.

Your body knows what it needs. Are you listening for its wisdom? Are you paying attention? Do you think about your physical and emotional experience often? Do you know what your body needs in the changing circumstances of your life?

Try this scanning technique to start tuning in to your body and mind:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

  2. Quiet your mind as much as you can by taking deep breaths and paying attention to your breath as you breathe in and out.

  3. Start at the top of your head and think about how it feels. Do you feel any sensation? Notice it.

  4. Move down to your neck…face…shoulders…etc.

  5. Keep moving down your body, thinking about how each piece feels and noticing any sensation that occurs.

  6. When you get to the tips of your toes, reverse your process and scan again.

  7. Do this for a long as you can, just taking note of what your body feels like.

This body scanning technique will help you begin to turn your thoughts inward so that you can notice by sensation or feeling when your body is attempting to communicate with you. Then, as you learn more about essential oils, you will be able to reach for the oils that will best support your wellness story!

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