Why am I so [Insert Emotion Here]?

Yesterday we talked about how I use conscious language to change the narrative I tell about myself that effects what I do and what I feel and look like physically.

Today I want to talk about how conscious language and endocrine system health have made such an amazing impact on my emotional health.

I know it totally sucks to be so angry or sad and not have any reason why you feel that way. The logical side of your brain is going, “Wtf, girl? Why you so angry and sad? There’s nothing in your life to feel that way about.” This has been me so many times.

Or even if there is something in my life that could cause me to feel angry and sad, I most often feel like the extent of my anger and sadness is beyond what the situation warrants.

I know for certain that I used to struggle with adrenal fatigue. Your adrenals are responsible for producing cortisol, which is the stress hormone in the body. It is a necessary hormone to have. It helps you react suddenly when you need to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. It helps you stay alert when you get lost on a hike and need to take some extra time to find your way back.

But constant physical and emotional stress (making poor food choices, constant worry and anxiety, failing to exercise regularly, etc.) forces your adrenals to produce extra levels of cortisol for an extended amount of time. And if the adrenals have to produce cortisol at that heightened level for long enough, they may become fatigued.

When I was struggling with adrenal fatigue, I needed so much extra sleep. I could go to bed at 9 PM and get up at 9 AM and still be exhausted. I would also so easily snap to intense anger for no reason, or I would cry and have no idea why I was crying.

 As I learned about adrenal fatigue, I knew I needed something to help improve my emotional health and lower my stress and something to help regulate the cortisol levels in my body. I needed something to help my adrenal glands work optimally again.


Emotional Health and Stress Management Techniques

The first biggest way to help reverse the effects of adrenal fatigue is to lower your stress level. If you haven’t yet read my blog about conscious language and its effect on the physical body, go back and read that first. Now that you know what conscious language is, let’s talk about how I use conscious language and positive affirmations to manage my stress.

I use Young Living blends like the Oola Infused7, Sacred Mountain, the Feelings Kit Blends, and more to help lift my mood on a daily basis and to help me stay out of overwhelm. I also use them aromatically when I recite positive affirmations.

 I use “I AM” statements to tell my subconscious mind the narrative I want it to know about who I am so that I can have a positive effect on my thoughts and therefore my actions.

 My thoughts have a direct effect on my mood and my emotional health, so the conscious language technique through affirmations combined with aromatherapy is vital to my emotional health and my ability to de-stress in difficult emotional situations.

 Another technique that I use to great success to help me manage my stress is brain dump journaling. My most common feeling when I get stressed out is overwhelm. When I journal, I sit with a blank sheet or two in a notebook and I write down every single thing that comes up in my mind for 30 minutes to an hour. I pour it all out onto the page. Sometimes I write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Sometimes I write lists. Sometimes I draw diagrams.

 However it comes out is fine. I just get all of what I have in my head out onto the page so I can see what it is that is cluttering my mind and making me feel overwhelmed.

It’s like my life coach said, I can get my thoughts out onto the page as though I am pulling a ball I’ve been juggling out of my head and putting it on my desk. I have all these balls that represent a thought or idea or issue or event and I can see it all in front of me on the page—like I set a bunch of balls down on my desk. Then I can decide which ball to pick up one at a time. I can make the decision about which ball to throw up and begin juggling. I can deal with that one thing before I pick up another thing.

I can even set the first ball/thing back down on my desk before I pick up the next one. I don’t have to juggle again. This process helps me get out of overwhelm.  

And beyond those specific techniques, I am intentional about my self-care. Remember that eating and drinking things like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and toxin-heavy foods can have a serious effect on your adrenal gland functioning, so even if you don’t notice that you are “stressed” emotionally, you can be stressing your adrenals by the food and drinks you consume as well. 

I consider healthy eating an act of self-care just as much as taking a relaxing bath, meditating, and journaling are forms of self-care for me.


Cortisol Regulation and Endocrine System Support

Why am I so (Insert emotional here)? Cortistop can help support healthy adrenal gland performance

The Young Living product that I believe has helped support my endocrine system and given my adrenal glands the support they need to better regulate the cortisol levels in my body is Cortistop.

I started taking Cortistop two months ago, and I’ve noticed that I am not as tired and worn down every day as I once was. I take two Cortistop capsules every morning when I take the rest of my supplements. Since our hormones cycle, it is important to take Cortistop as suggested: 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off.

I also have an oil blend from Young Living called EndoFlex Vitality. When I need a little extra hormone support or adrenal gland support, I put a drop or two in a capsule to take internally or I’ll rub a drop right over my adrenal glands. I also use the blend Sclaressence when I feel a little hormonal or emotionally unbalanced. I put a drop inside each of my ankles. Sclaressence smells like sweet tarts. Yum!

If you struggle with excessive fatigue or heightened levels of stress, you may be struggling with adrenal fatigue. If you find yourself asking “Why am I so sad or mad?” a lot of the time, you might be struggling with adrenal fatigue. I highly recommend that you seek out some kind of “adrenal fatigue quiz” to find out what level of adrenal fatigue you might be suffering from so you can make a plan of action to supporting your adrenals.

 Consider your daily stress levels and your food and drink habits. Make shifts where you can, and get some of the oils and supplements I mention above (Cortistop, EndoFlex, etc.) to support your recovery from adrenal fatigue.


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